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Using MeMinder Timers & Notifications

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With MeMinder Android version 3.5, you have the ability to set timers for tasks.
Setting timers will notify the person served when it’s time to do a task, even when they’re not using MeMinder.

Add a timer to an existing task:

  • Make sure you have at least MeMinder 3.5 installed on your Android or iOS device
  • To check your MeMinder version, log into the MeMinder App
  • Press and hold the MeMinder logo for 3 seconds to unlock the settings icon, then click the settings icon.
  • Log into BEAM.CARE with the same credentials you use to log into the MeMinder App.
  • Select the system that contains the tasks you want to make timers for
  • Select Personal List from the menu. The Personal List is the collection of tasks that are being sent to MeMinder for the person-served to mark as complete.
  • Click on the clock icon on the particular task you’d like to add a timer to.
  • Enter the desired time, date, and interval to notify the person you support to do this task. Press the green Submit button.

A Notification will then be pushed to the MeMinder device when it’s time to do that task. Repeat this process with other tasks you’d like to add timers to.

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