What We Do

CreateAbility’s mission is to design, develop, and implement innovative enabling technology that supports processes across the entire healthcare continuum to eliminate barriers, foster independence, and empower people with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries to flourish beyond their current capabilities.

The ease-of use and versatility of our enabling technology solutions affords us the ability to serve provider agencies, hospitals, group homes, rehabilitation facilities, schools, and direct to individuals served.

Our enabling technology apps benefit care providers, provider agencies and job coaches in the areas of:

Person-Centered care planning
Health & Wellbeing assessments and interventions
Task prompting
Self-regulation skills
Career exploration & discovery

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Why choose CreateAbility technology solutions:

Every user-facing app, includes a user-friendly, corresponding dashboard for the provider to:

  • Remotely monitor individuals served without intrusive video surveillance
  • Gather critical healthcare data
  • Communicate with user
  • Monitor both accomplishments and setbacks in real-time
  • CreateAbility Apps can be run on any iOS or Android device.

All of our technology solutions are:

  • Based on the principles of informed choice for the persons served
  • Designed to help providers allocate resources more effectively and efficiently, especially in times of staff shortages.
  • Developed using evidence-based research from reputable federal agencies
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Value-added Approach to Enabling Tech


We want to help you find just the right solution to support those you care for. Our apps and solutions arrive ready to go, out of the box. Our experience in serving more than 100 human service agencies nationwide makes us uniquely suited to meet your unique needs.


Our secure, cloud-based model is one of the most valuable we provide. No need for additional hardware beyond your connected devices. We take care of all service and maintenance at no added cost, so you can spend more time with patients or loved ones and less time managing technology.

Client Support

We want to support you as you support others. Any custom hardware that you need will be installed by trained service technicians. If you have any questions, experts answer questions by email within 24 hours. We even offer remote, classroom style training and webinars.

Our Federal Research Grants

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