The Employment Suite


Createability's Employment Suite is comprised of 3 user-friendly apps that together, provide:

How does Employment Pathfinder benefit both job seekers and providers?

Employment Pathfinder is a mobile app that helps job coaches and vocational rehabilitation streamline the career exploration and discovery process by automating the process of assessing:

  • Job readiness
  • Job interests
  • Applicable job skills

The resulting report will reveal critical information about the job seeker and provide gap analysis that will help them prepare for particular job opportunities.

MeMINDER is a dynamic task prompting system that equips employees with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries with real-time instructions they need to thrive at work.
Job Coaches and Vocational rehabilitation professionals can schedule daily tasks utilizing our library of over 250 pre-created tasks or quickly record their own, custom tasks.
Instructions can be delivered in three modalities (full video demonstration, talking pictures, or audio-only) in order to encourage fading from human supports.
For the employees, Evalu8NOW provides a non-intrusive and neutral platform for expressing their feelings regarding important factors of their lives.
For Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals and Job Coaches, Evalu8NOW assesses health & well being at higher frequencies than in-person visits and provides critical data that can help them ward off crises and/or end-of-employment situations before they happen.

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