Benefits For Your Clients

  • Utilize Flourish as an identity card; people being served carry it with them so that all support staff can learn important things about them, when necessary.
  • Provides an outlet to demonstrate their likes/dislikes, and uniqueness in an engaging way.
  • The use of Flourish results in more meaningful and effective interactions with them; therefore, increasing their satisfaction with themselves and their relationships.

The Benefits For the DSP's and Support Staff

  • Provides a platform for goal-setting and supporting documentation necessary for annual Medicaid waiver.
  • Helps create succinct and measurable goals that are achievable for clients.
  • Provides a great tool for onboarding new DSPs and staff; helps them acclimate to the people they will serve more effectively and efficiently.
  • Copy and paste capabilities help.
  • Provides gamification and award system that alerts DSPs and support staff to milestone accomplishments with their clients.

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