Task-Prompting: Optimized Task Analysis Through AI

AI Driven Task Analysis for MeMinder Task Prompting

MeMinder Leverages AI to “Super-charge” Task Analysis for Providers of Disability, Aging, and TBI Services

We’ve answered the question, “How can we simplify and automate task analysis for care providers?”

Now, we’ve got the answer to “How can we make simplified, automated task analysis even faster for the busiest of care providers?”

Enter AI functionality in MeMinder 4.0.

When demonstrating MeMinder 4.0, some of our clients hear the word “AI” and cringe. Most often times, it’s fear of the unknown that causes their apprehension. But when they see how effortless it is to set up new tasks for their clients? Poof…fears eliminated! Immediately, it clicks…

“This will give me so much time back in my day.”

In this overworked and understaffed industry that is Human Services, less time doing manual tasks and more time to breathe, strategize even, is gold.

For all of the “cringers” out there…here’s what AI task analysis looks like in MeMinder 4.0:

1.) When you create a task within the MeMinder Creator dashboard, you will see an icon for “AI”. (Tap)

2.) Gather your thoughts about the task needing to be created. When ready, push the record button and speak the task into the device’s microphone. (No need to be perfect or rerecord – AI will do the organization of your thought processes for you!)

3.) When done speaking, stop recording. Give the AI system a couple of seconds to generate its response. Within 10 seconds, your new task will be organized into clear, concise steps.

4.) Drag-and-drop any steps that you want to reorder.

5.) Create a “title” for your task.

6.) Place the task into the recipient’s daily schedule. (It will pop up on their schedule in real-time!)

Want to see this live, in-action?

Click here to request a personal, MeMinder 4.0 demonstration for your organization today!

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