At CreateAbility, our goal is to create innovative products that help people with intellectual disabilities, autism, autism and dementia flourish beyond their current capabilities – and provide enabling technology solutions that help their circle-of-care increase the level of person-centric care they provide for the people they serve. 

Our solutions are focused in the following areas to help the people you serve:


MeMinder 4.0 is the newest task-prompting App for people with intellectual disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

MeMINDER: For individuals who need daily prompts and instructions for their daily to-do’s. MeMinder has a library of over 200+ tasks and the ability for care providers to create and customize tasks that are unique or need to be relevant to your client’s environment.  Care providers can manage one or multiple clients on one dashboard, check progress, adjust tasks accordingly and communicate with other staff members with ease.

The Employment Suite:  Think MeMinder for work!  Same user-friendly interface for the persons being served restructured with a more customized dashboard to serve the unique needs of vocational rehabilitation professionals.

QMinder: Looking for task prompting that will serve all levels of disability and can be up-and-running the next day? QMinder, CreateAbility’s newest solution, allows providers and job coaches the ability to record task instructions, assign a QR code, print, stick and go!

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FlourishPerson-centered care plans begin with this app! This app equips care providers with a platform to create succinct and measurable goals that are achievable for the people they serve. For the client, Flourish is a virtual ID card that allows them to convey important details about their own likes/dislikes – and how to work best with them for optimum results. A must-have app for meeting waiver requirements.

OnTrackerHelps the people you serve stay on track through learned self-regulation and fosters a calm environment with less physical altercations. Clients benefit as they learn to align their thoughts and behaviors with their goal and improve their soft skills.


Evalu8NOW:  Standardized, web-based assessments and interventions that monitor clients’ health and wellbeing between visits. Engaging and effective avatar-led assessments for the client; data-driven dashboard for care providers to analyze feedback, customize care plans – and ward off potential emergencies. 

Assessments survey everything from mental state – to addiction management – to satisfaction with their important facets of their lives like home, work and relationships.


avatalk: A new way to communicate with the people you serve that is both engaging and efficient!  Care providers can text any question with up to 6 answers to client. The question/answers wirelessly transmit to the client’s device and displays as a talking avatar (they have chosen) and answers are converted to touch buttons for quick reply. Great for clients with dual-diagnosis and nonverbals!


FLEX:  Remote sensors and app allow for post-surgery physical therapy plans to take place at the home. All feedback is logged in BEAM Cloud dashboard so that clinicians can monitor patient adherence to their care plan. FLEX can help increase the efficacy of surgery and reduce the risk of non-reimbursable expenses from extended therapy or invasive medical procedures.  Helps serve people who are in rural areas or are unable to drive to physical therapy appointments.

Punchbak is designed for people with Parkinson’s disease who are looking to crush their mobility goals this year!

Our punch tracking technology provides built-in motivation to help you hit more goals, reach more milestones, and collect badges to show off your hard work.

You don’t need any additional equipment, or previous boxing or kickboxing experience, and you can work out where you want…whenever you want! We’ll provide you with everything you need to enjoy the full Punchbak experience, as you exercise to maintain strength, balance, and coordination.

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