Benefits For Your Clients

Increased engagement with avatar customization

Neutral, avatar-led assessment environment reduces tension and increases data integrity

Client can take assessments via mobile device or PC

Client has direct access to intervention for self-care outside of regular assessments

Benefits For Clinicians and Care Providers

  • Accommodates reassessments at a faster frequency than practical methodologies
  • Extends care anywhere/anytime
  • User-friendly dashboard tracks client progress and setbacks
  • Simplifies documentation and reporting
  • Provides integrated communications with other staff members
  • Client scores trigger appropriate interventions as well as alerts to care provider (email and/or text)
  • Operationalizes care in a scalable, cost effective way
  • Helps clients stay engaged in their care plan

Proven in the Field

Evalu8NOW is currently deployed in the traumatic brain injury segment, and is yielding both positive results for the clients' well-being, as well as critical data needed to help organizations leverage a higher level of person-centered care.

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CASE STUDY: How Evalu8NOW Saves Both Time and Money for Clinicians and DSPs

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