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How Do I Get My CreateAbility App?

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Google Play Store

You can download CreateAbility apps on your Android device from the Google Play Store here: CreateAbility in the Google Play Store

Apple’s App Store

For iOS and iPadOS users: You can download CreateAbility apps from the App Store here: CreateAbility in Apple’s App Store

Amazon’s App Store

For Kindle Users or Android users with the Amazon App Store, you can download MeMinder through Amazon’s App Store with this link:
Amazon’s App Store

Sideloading (Android & Kindle Users)

CreateAbility’s apps can be installed via a process often referred to as “sideloading”. Sideloading Android apps bypasses a device’s default app store, where applications are traditionally downloaded and installed from.
While slightly more complicated to perform, sideloading our apps affords more flexibility for deploying our technologies on a more accessible range of devices. 

  • To start, locate the APK file for your CreateAbility product.
    • An APK is an Android Package, a file that contains everything needed to install and run an Android app.
    • An APK will be provided to you via e-mail from a CreateAbility team member.
    • If you’re unable to locate your APK, contact us and we’ll send you one ASAP.
  • Turn on your Android device
  • Connect your Android device into a Windows PC or Mac via the provided USB to Micro USB ConnectorMac Users: Your Android device will appear on the desktop. You will need to install Android File Transfer, a free application, to complete the USB transfer. To download Android File Transfer, go to
  • On the home screen of your Android device, drag your finger down from the top edge of the screen to access your notification tray
  • Find and select the system notification that says “Tap for other USB options”
  • Press “Transfer Files”
  • On your computer, open your file explorer by pressing Windows Key + E or Command + Shift + C for Mac Users
  • Click on the Android device’s directory, double-click “Internal Storage” then open the “Download” folder.
  • Drag and drop the APK into the Android device’s “Download” folder
  • Once the APK is transferred to the download folder, disconnect the cable from your Android device.
  • On your Android device, open ‘Docs’ or ‘Files’ app from the home screen and select the ‘LOCAL STORAGE’ tab
  • You will see that the APK has appeared in the download folder of your Android device.
  • Press on the APK to launch the APK installer
  • You may see a prompt that says “For security, your tablet is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”
  • On the prompt, press the SETTINGS button, which will take you to Security & Privacy settings page.
  • Press the entry that says “Apps from Unknown Sources” so that the toggle switch is on, and press “OK” on the proceeding warning dialogue.
  • Press the back button in the top left to return to “Docs” or “Files”
  • Press on the APK again
  • Press “Install”
  • Once install has completed, press “OPEN”
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