task prompting

Task prompting can help seniors keep their independence by providing them with instructions they need on medication adherence, daily to-do's and more.
Many of the people you serve need task-prompting assistance at home....and at work! Why make them utilize two, uniquely different enabling technologies?
Task analysis can be daunting for any care provider or job coach. It can be particularly challenging and time-consuming if you are still working with instructional manuals and binders which once created, need to be continually updated. MeMinder, CreateAbility’s robust task prompting app, offers three different resources for task storage and retrieval that keeps care...
MyBRAINBased on Ecological Momentary Assessment, MyBRAIN is a new way to monitor patients’ health and wellbeing throughout their continuum of care. Clinicians can utilize MyBrain’s data to: Inform resource facilitation and care management.Analyze cohorts of interest, particularly those in high risk groups.Perform serial measurement of multiple TBI variables for patients with a brain injury. Collect...
If you’ve ever wanted to try MeMinder task prompting technology or Employment Pathfinder pre-employment assessments – NOW is the time! Beginning January 15th, 2022 and running through March 31st, 2022, CreateAbility Concepts, Inc. is running a buy one, get one free promotion in celebration of their 20th anniversary. Interested? Please email us at info@createabilityinc.com or...
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