MeMinder 4.0: Revolutionizing Task-prompting Technology for Individuals with Diverse Abilities 

Many of the people you serve need task-prompting assistance at home....and at work! Why make them utilize two, uniquely different enabling technologies?

CreateAbility Launches newest version of MeMinder Task Prompting

Indianapolis, IN – CreateAbility Concepts, Inc., a leading innovator in enabling technology, proudly announces the launch of MeMinder 4.0, the latest version of their task-prompting and instruction app designed to empower individuals with diverse abilities to lead more independent and fulfilling lives.  
MeMinder 4.0 represents a significant leap forward in user-centric design and functionality for the individuals served as well as major enhancements to the efficiency of the task-scheduling on the provider-facing dashboard. This new release is a testament to CreateAbility’s unwavering commitment to harnessing the power of technology to create inclusive solutions for individuals served in both residential and vocational settings while better serving Provider Agencies in challenging times.   
Key Features of MeMinder 4.0: 

For Providers 
Significant enhancements in user scheduling and set-up:  
Care providers, job coaches, residential staff and parents can now make talking picture, audio, sequences, and full video task prompts quicker and easier. All task creation tools are in the palm of their hands, using an intuitive interface that is the result of 7 years of feedback from customers and study participants. 

Additional, QR-code driven task formats:  
While audio-only, talking pictures, and full video demonstration features are still included, a QR code-driven task format has been added for those who are new to technology and need instructions delivered in the simplest of formats. This also provides an upgrade path to users of QMinder, CreateAbility’s entry level task prompter that uses QR codes to initiate tasks. 
At-a-Glance feature:  
Allows Care Providers and Job Coaches the ability to view all individuals served on a single dashboard, identify who is accomplishing goals and who is experiencing setbacks, and allocate resources accordingly.

Replication of task list feature:  
Affords Care Providers and Job Coaches the ability to copy elements of in individual’s task list into a another’s; saving more time and manpower.   

Integration with other CreateAbility Apps:  
MeMinder 4.0 provides better data visibility as it now integrates with other CreateAbility Apps. This integration will benefit reporting and person-centered plans.   
For the Individuals Served  
More intuitive user interface: The modern, “card layout” interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, making it easier than ever to navigate daily responsibilities.   

Accessibility for individuals without Wi-Fi connectivity:  
MeMinder 4.0 seamlessly checks for WI-FI or cellular internet access, and then automatically downloads all the materials and schedules needed to prompt the individual for the next 7 days. This means that task prompting can happen at the precise time, even when the device is offline for extended periods. 
New messaging feature for increased engagement:   
Individuals can now receive personal messages from care providers and loved ones that seamlessly integrate into their daily schedules.  
“The release of MeMinder 4.0 reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and inclusivity, and we believe it will make a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals served.” said Steve Sutter, President of CreateAbility. “Equally, it reflects our dedication to continually striving to make technology easier and more effective for Care Providers, who are taking on extra workload, typically without extra pay.”  

MeMinder 4.0 is available now for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. 

For more information about CreateAbility and MeMinder, please visit  


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