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What exactly does a person centered planning app look like? How does it increase positive outcomes for the people you serve? At CreateAbility, we believe that the power of enabling technology is best described in a real-life scenario of our solutions.
Since the events surrounding 2020, there has been a significant rise in providers’ interest in remote monitoring. Further, there has been a broader acceptance and use of the term “enabling technology” when it comes to remote supports. But what IS the difference between “assistive” and “enabling” technology? Here is a brief explanation to help you...
For many providers, grant funding marks the beginning of large-scale enabling tech pilots. These pilots typically include reporting requirements that document the progress, successes and perhaps, setbacks in the onboarding, adoption and monitoring phases. So, how providers ensure that they can provide positive results back to the grant providers? Here are a few tips to...
Several of CreateAbility’s enabling technology solutions are “evidence-based”, but what exactly does that mean and why is it important? Below are a few reasons why choosing evidence-based technology is important to you, your organization, and the people you serve: Learn more about our evidence-based research that goes into CreateAbility’s enabling technology for seniors, people with...
If every person served has their own unique “fingerprint” of abilities, talents and challenges, how do you develop a person-centered care plan that’s tailored to the unique needs of each? Enabling technology not only helps those you serve increase their independence, but also provides data that identifies a person’s preferences, strengths, and needs, and tracks...
Every summer, my grandkids like to collect live insects and put them in a jar. Sometimes, they put incompatible species together in a jar and become disappointed at the outcome.   I do that as an adult. Not with insects; but with feelings and memories. I want to collect and possess peace, love, and joy, and...
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