Enabling Technology: More Job Opportunities for People With IDDs

Enabling Technology Success Story: Monarch of North Carolina

Customer Success Story: Monarch of North Carolina

Monarch, a provider of residential and community services in North Carolina, felt that the job exploration and discovery process they had been using had become antiquated.

“We found that our old process seemed to point people in the direction of the same type of jobs over and over.” Bob Huber, Director of Day Services, explained.

After exploring new options, Monarch chose CreateAbility’s Employment Pathfinder as a new way to assess job readiness, job interests, and job skills – all of which can be done remotely.

Since, Monarch has found that automating the career exploration and discovery process increases the efficiency for both the job coach and the job seekers, alike.

When the assessments were completed, job seekers could return to their assigned employment
specialist with a report in-hand. In turn, the report establishes a foundation of info used for all initial job coaching opportunities – and creates a more defined path to employment for the job seeker.

“We have been very happy with the variety and selection of multiple career paths and job types that the Employment Pathfinder App creates for those we serve.” Bob stated. “We feel like we have a more holistic offering with this new technology.”


Monarch provided a technology launch program to engage both job coaches and job seekers; hosting organized training sessions and creating an incentive program to reward those who successfully adopt the Employment Pathfinder app as their career exploration and discovery tool.

The organization went so far as to host “Graduation Ceremonies” for those who utilized the App and completed all steps in their employment program.

“Implementing these types of promotional efforts increase the positive outcomes of enabling technology on an individual and organizational level.” States Steve Sutter, President of CreateAbility.

CreateAbility applauds organizations that not only believe in the power of enabling technology to transform lives; but put extra attention into establishing sustainable “Technology-First” programs.

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