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INDIANAPOLIS, June 8th, 2021 – CreateAbility Concepts, Inc., a technology company located in Indianapolis, was recently awarded a portion of the Second Chance Grant provided by the State of Florida’s Department of Justice for the replication and use of their MyBrain technology.  CreateAbility’s MyBrain will be utilized as technology solution that will ultimately, help reduce the rate of recidivism in youth ages 14-18.      Modern research identifies traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in...
Simply put, the word “ration” is a form of comparison measurement. It’s no coincidence that it is at the center of so many things. Take these, for example: DurationPreparationGenerationAdministrationCollaborationIntegrationDemonstrationPenetrationOperationConfiguration In the grand scheme of my life, I realize that rationing myself is something I have to do on a daily basis: the people I tend...
As the sun begins to shine and the mandates begin begin to lift – the team at CreateAbility reflect on the lessons they learned over the last, difficult year. What I learned from the pandemic: How much I took for granted.  I really missed live entertainment, theater/plays, and hanging out with friends. I learned that...
INDIANAPOLIS, March 24th, 2021 – CreateAbility Concepts, Inc., a technology company located in Indianapolis, is preparing to release Employment Pathfinder, a web and app-based system of surveys to help people with intellectual disabilities assess three key pre-employment criteria: job readiness, career interests and corresponding skill set.   Employment Pathfinder reflects both the company’s mission of helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities flourish beyond...
CreateAbility has been utilizing avatar led communications for several years now and the data that has emerged from our clients has proven that it can be helpful to both the care provider and the person being served, alike.   Here are a few of the top reasons avatar-led communications are yielding successful results within the IDD population:  It increases data integrity.  When...
Many researchers have studied positive psychology and what it means for humans to “flourish”. Professor Martin Seligman surveyed thousands of individuals and studied outcomes regarding the facets of positive psychology and what cultivates wellbeing in our lives. From the results, he devised the acronym “PERMAH” to reflect what seemed to be the most important influential...
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