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For Jordan and Mindy, two individuals served by Madison Haywood Developmental Services (MHDS) of Jackson, TN, the idea of “independence” includes having a job and making their own money. While neither of the job seekers had much work experience, Rance Thetford, Supported Employment Manager at MHDS, knew that finding an opportunity that would be both...
The scales don’t lie. I’ve been eating my feelings the last 18 months. So recently I homed in on my health and set a weight loss goal. In the process, I explored two very well-known weight loss apps and the benefits and drawbacks of each. One focuses on positive psychology and making behavioral changes in...
CreateAbility offers a suite of Apps that cover a variety of needs for people with intellectual disabilities and behavioral / mental health issues.  This suite covers: emotional surveillance and emotional regulation, goal tracking and accomplishment, task prompting and reminders, employment discovery and exploration, and communication with staff or other individuals. Here is how they work...
Amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and directly on the tail of the 30th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2020, The National Council on Disabilities published their “Progress Report on National Disability Policy” which charts the progress and setbacks of employment within the disabilities population here in the U.S. In it, a...
The pandemic was particularly hard on community-based living that were already facing staff shortages before its arrival in 2020. As we transition back to work, current care providers and job coaches have their plates more-than-full as provider and agency administrators scramble to add additional staff members to meet demand. Technology can play a very helpful...
Through life, we have all had job opportunities that were fulfilling – and job opportunities that we were happy to leave in the past. With both extremes, it is important to analyze what was and was not fulfilling so that we carry that knowledge forward in life. When we peel back the layers of both...
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