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I recently heard something that shocked me while listening to a distinguished counselor within my community. He said, “Communication may be the most dangerous thing we do.” I was immediately taken aback by this. Initially, it made zero sense – and so I set out to investigate a little deeper. As it turns out, it...
Technology is never a replacement for human interaction between care providers and the people they serve; it’s a tool. I think this pandemic has certainly accentuated that notion as we all revisit the way things used to be – the social gatherings, face-to-face communications, and physical touch.  Technology can optimize time management for the organization...
The Charles Lea Center, located in Spartansburg, South Carolina, helps people with intellectual disabilities and chronic medical conditions and helps them work to their fullest potential. Their services are based on the principles of person-centered thinking that looks at the strengths of each person and uses those skills to promote greater independence. MeMinder is a...
Our team at CreateAbility is always examining challenges in the IDD space from the perspective of technology. While we know that technology should never be a total replacement for the meaningful connection that DSPs have with their person served; we understand how technology can help DSPs optimize their time and save agencies money.  Most importantly, technology...
It’s the beginning of a new year so I spent a few moments in silence this morning; reflecting and praying for the families and friends of the many people who lost their lives over the past year. Initially, it feels as if the world will be just a bit dimmer without each of them. But...
1.) Assistive Technology affords the person being served the ability to have their plans in front of them at all times.    Antiquated, printed copies of care plans on are not mobile - and are not as easily changed as the person-served accomplishes their goals. Assistive technology grants individuals with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to feel more a part of the planning process as they...
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