Person centered care plans

Several of CreateAbility’s enabling technology solutions are “evidence-based”, but what exactly does that mean and why is it important? Below are a few reasons why choosing evidence-based technology is important to you, your organization, and the people you serve: Learn more about our evidence-based research that goes into CreateAbility’s enabling technology for seniors, people with...
If every person served has their own unique “fingerprint” of abilities, talents and challenges, how do you develop a person-centered care plan that’s tailored to the unique needs of each? Enabling technology not only helps those you serve increase their independence, but also provides data that identifies a person’s preferences, strengths, and needs, and tracks...
The scales don’t lie. I’ve been eating my feelings the last 18 months. So recently I homed in on my health and set a weight loss goal. In the process, I explored two very well-known weight loss apps and the benefits and drawbacks of each. One focuses on positive psychology and making behavioral changes in...
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