The Ease of Context-based Cueing

What do you do when you can't get your clients (or kids) to remember their daily to-do's? How can you help those with higher needs feel accomplished and responsible?

QR Code Task Prompting

What do you do when you can’t get your clients (or kids) to remember their daily to-do’s? How can you help those with higher needs feel accomplished and responsible?

At CreateAbility, we believe that the power of enabling technology is best described in a real-life scenario of our solutions.

Here is the story of Christy (Provider), Isaak’s mom (Parent) and Isaak(Individual Served) and an example of how the ease of CreateAbility’s Qminder App helps providers and parents offer task-prompting that everyone can latch onto.

Isaak’s mom and Christy, his in-home care provider, had tried a variety of approaches to remind Isaak on basic ADLs, oral hygiene, and medication usage. After several failed attempts, exhausted staff efforts and multiple different “reminder” formats, they discovered CreateAbility’s Qminder App for easy task-prompting.   

They were thrilled to learn that after downloading the app, it only took a matter of minutes to record video and/or audio prompts for Isaak, assign them to a QR code, print the code and stick it in the appropriate locations where he need prompts or information!   

Isaak takes to the App and adopts it in no-time-flat. He loves how he just aims his app at the special QR code and it starts playing his special task instructions or personal messages without even needing to tap on any link.  

At work, Isaak’s productivity has soared since he started using Qminder to locate himself in the warehouse, to get reminders on how to use equipment, and the safe usage of various chemicals required in his duties. 

At his home, Isaak’s mom frequently leaves him uplifting personal messages to keep his content fresh and engaging. (She also finds it fun and entertaining!)

Mom and Christy love that they can see when Isaak scanned a code; a cue to let them know he’s working on his to-dos.  

Christy is so enamored with the ease of Qminder that she develops special QR codes for her colleagues to scan when entering individuals’ residences that informs them of policies and procedures. 

Positive outcomes for the individual served – positive outcomes for parents and providers. (Win-Win-Win!)

For more information about Qminder, click here.

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