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MyBRAINBased on Ecological Momentary Assessment, MyBRAIN is a new way to monitor patients’ health and wellbeing throughout their continuum of care. Clinicians can utilize MyBrain’s data to: Inform resource facilitation and care management.Analyze cohorts of interest, particularly those in high risk groups.Perform serial measurement of multiple TBI variables for patients with a brain injury. Collect...
Technology First Approach Helps Provider Agencies Stay Afloat Care providers and job coaches have their plates more-than-full as provider and agency administrators scramble to add additional staff members to meet demand. Technology can play a very helpful role in times, such as these. While technology is never a 100% replacement for human interaction, here are...
Through life, we have all had job opportunities that were fulfilling – and job opportunities that we were happy to leave in the past. With both extremes, it is important to analyze what was and was not fulfilling so that we carry that knowledge forward in life. When we peel back the layers of both...
INDIANAPOLIS, June 3rd, 2021 – CreateAbility Concepts, Inc., a technology company located in Indianapolis, recently launched Employment Pathfinder, a web and app-based system of surveys to help people with intellectual disabilities assess three key pre-employment criteria: job readiness, career interests and corresponding skill set. On June 3rd, the iOS version of the app was accepted...
Simply put, the word “ration” is a form of comparison measurement. It’s no coincidence that it is at the center of so many things. Take these, for example: DurationPreparationGenerationAdministrationCollaborationIntegrationDemonstrationPenetrationOperationConfiguration In the grand scheme of my life, I realize that rationing myself is something I have to do on a daily basis: the people I tend...
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