An assistive technology that makes independence possible for people with intellectual disabilities, autism, Downs Syndrome and dementia.

Benefits For Your Clients

Individuals receive prompting and instruction to assist them in daily tasks in the areas of:
  • Household chore instruction
  • Medication Adherence
  • Personal appointments
  • Transportation logistics
  • Vocational instruction

All tasks can be customized to the level of instruction needed by the individual on any given day in:


Talking Pictures

Full Video Modeling

The Benefits For Care Providers

Real-time visibility into the daily habits, progress, and setbacks of persons being served.

User-friendly dashboard that allows for easy scheduling and maintenance of tasks:

• Choose from over 200+ preprogrammed tasks from the task library.

• Create and customize tasks with ease.

• Add full video demonstration for optimal recall.

• Monitor one or multiple clients on a single dashboard.

• Schedule staff or personal appointments for the person being served and have alerts sent to appropriate supports.


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