Subtle changes in your aging parent’s home or in their physical appearance can be a clue that something important has changed, and may need further investigation by a professional.  Changes in their hair style or care, change in makeup, what they are wearing can actually be an early warning sign about how they are doing...
Retirement is a concept that is well-appreciated by the population spanning all the generations. Whether you are a young professional or an elderly baby boomer, retirement is bound to elicit a favorable response from you. After all, the goals of an aging baby boomer are to lounge around their home, to take long walks in...
Aside from fun gadgets, there are also devices intended to help our grandparents maximize their capabilities; allow them to feel more independent and useful. Thanks to these advanced inventions, our grandparents can certainly enjoy life with comfort and ease, some of these devices are: The Vital System – This is an advanced device used to...
CreateAbility’s technical solutions integrate with a senior’s Plan of Care, help the caregiver generate documentation, and gives caregivers and loved ones, with proper permissions, warnings and alerts via their cell phone.  A web-based dashboard summarizes the status (Green, Yellow, or Red) of each individual, by their specific areas of support or concern. CreateAbility’s solutions have...
It is true that in this generation there are so many inventions and advancements when it comes to technology. There are cool gadgets everywhere; iPod, iPhone, mp3 players, GPS tracking device, and even books are now electronic or otherwise known as “e-book”. Imagine how advanced we are today. However, advancement does not stop the process...
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