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Avatalk is a fun and non-intrusive avatar-led communication tool to help you stay informed between visits.

With Avatalk, you can send messages to a person through an avatar on a smart device, and the recipient can reply as easily as tapping a button on the device screen.

Here’s how to get up and running:

Your device and accounts may have already been pre-configured to run Avatalk out-of-the-box. If so, skip to the section titled “Using Avatalk

Creating user accounts

  1. Create an account for yourself and other people you want communicating with the person you’re serving by navigating to, and pressing “Register New Account”

  2. Create an account for the person you’re serving by navigating to this link, for the “Moderator” field, pick either yourself or someone you trust to manage Avatalk chats. Moderators must have an account already created at

Installing Avatalk on Your Android Device

Be sure to store the login credentials you’ve just created in a secure and easily accessible location.

  1. Install Avatalk on your desired device and log in with the credentials of the person served. Contact CreateAbility Inc at 317 if you lack the necessary files for installation

  2. Find a good place to put the device for the person to easily access, and where it can be connected to a power source with the included power adaptor.

  3. Configure the device to connect to wifi. If you’re using a Kindle Fire, you can watch this helpful guide from Amazon. Avatalk requires a network connection.

Using Avatalk

  1. Start the Avatalk app by pressing the Avatalk icon on the device home screen or app drawer.
    Avatalk will let you know that it’s working by saying “Thank you for using Avatalk! If I need to speak with you, you will first hear an alert sound, then I will begin talking. Please tap the OK button” And then will begin a picture slideshow.

  2. In any web browser and on any device, navigate to and login with the circle-of-care credentials provided to you by CreateAbility.
    Then select the chat room with the name of the person you’re serving, and compose the message you’d like to send, along with the answers you want the person you serve to choose from.
    You can do this by preceding each answer with a vertical bar symbol on your keyboard (usually above the enter button on standard keyboards).

    The format should look like this:

    Hi Bret, How are you feeling today? |Great |Good |Fine |Bad

    The person will receive the message on the tablet and can press any of the responses. When the person responds, it will show up in your chat window!

Creating a Circle of Care

  1. You can add other users to the chat to create a Circle of Care for the person you’re supporting by using the Members List icon in the header or overflow menu of the chat window.

Changing Avatars or Users

  1. You can change the avatar or user any time by pressing the gear icon at the top-right of the screen when the picture slideshow is running
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