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The Employment Suite




MeMinder’s work version + the WhenWear Dashboard for job coaches and vocational rehabilitation professionals = Employment Success!

Benefits For Your Clients

Employee task alerts and instructions on a customized level to help them stay focused, increase confidence at work, and increase task accuracy using:


Talking Pictures

Video Modeling

Video modeling (for more detailed instruction): customize tasks relevant to the employee’s environment.

Talking Pictures (when less detail is needed):

Audio-only: For simple tasks and/or employees who have become accustomed to their responsibilities and only need basic prompts.



The Benefits for the Job Coach

The Employment Suite provides supervision without intrusion and is dynamic in its ability to efficiently convert work assignments into essential details required by the mobile worker with an ID and wirelessly transmits instructions to the employee’s electronic job coach in real-time.

• Manage one or multiple employee’s responsibilities and view progress in real-time.

• Simple voice-to-text function for task scheduling

• Drag-and-drop features that allow for changes in the work environment, the employee’s abilities, and the workflow in real-time.

• Simplifies the process of building an effective training regimen for an inclusive workforce.

• Highly customizable to the level of instruction each individual needs on any given day.

• Offers photo verification of completed responsibilities.

• For additional task accuracy verification, add CreateAbility’s Independence Builder, wireless monitors.

Choose from our library of 200+ tasks in the areas of janitorial, food service, warehousing (and more) or easily create and customized your own tasks relevant to the work environment.

Proven in the Field

Evalu8NOW is currently deployed in the traumatic brain injury segment, and is yielding both positive results for the clients’ well-being, as well as critical data needed to help organizations leverage a higher level of person-centered care.


What people are saying

The platform for Evalu8NOW is flexible and customizable. What data and insight would you gain from having knowledge of your clients’ health outside of standard practice?  How could you leverage that data to increase the value of your organization, cut costs, and provide an edge over your competition?

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